The interdisciplinary, discursive project `the corridor´ explores the topic of borders and their political, social and cultural consequences through public talks, screenings and artistic presentations. With artists from all fields, historians, sociologists, contemporary witnesses and other experts we as outsiders want to discuss the history of the Irish border and the future challenges of the upcoming EU border for this area.

Following the first series of events in 2017, we are delighted to announce the corridor 2018. Building on last year’s experiences, we will again explore the topic of borders and their political, social and cultural consequences through readings, public discussions, artistic interventions and much more by bringing together artists from all over Ireland and Europe.

Our first event in 2018, the corridor no. 4, will be `Larry on the Hill´ on September 21st, followed by the official launch of the first the corridor publication with new contributions from some of last year’s artists, at Roe River Books on October 19th  – more events will follow soon!