The second edition of the corridor publication series is a collaboration with the XBorders project of the Arts Council NI and the Irish Writers Centre. Together, we present this publication containing contributions by writers from all over Ireland and from all areas of literature including poets, essayists, playwrights and fiction writers. Our aim is to reflect on the meaning of borders and how literature and art can help to overcome these – in the widest sense. The visual framework to the pieces from all three XBorders project is provided by Louth artist Ciarán Dunbar from his ‘Diesel’ series.

Texts by XBorder participants Lucy Beevor // Louisa Carroll // R. M. Clarke // Rory Duffy // Marie Gethins // Charleen Hurtubise // Barbara Lovrić // Orla McAlinden // Raquel McKee // Cliona O’Connell // Don Ó Donnacháin // Pádraig Ó Meiscill // Jane Robinson // James Simpson // Susanne Stich // Csilla Toldy // Adam Trodd // Iva Yates

70 pages, A5, 10 Euros plus shipping.


Photo 09-10-2018, 14 27 39

The first ever publication with new and exclusive images by Vera Drebusch and Joseph Carr, contributions by 1st German Electrophonic Orchestra, Paddy Bloomer, Seán Hillen, Aoife Ward and new stories and essays by Garrett Carr, Evelyn Conlon and Paul Scraton.

44 pages, A5, 10 Euros plus shipping.